[Special] How BTS Will Use Their Strength ′Storytelling′ for ′LOVE YOURSELF′ Promotions

2017.09.17 11:00

Do you remember what Rap Monster said after receiving a Billboard Music Award in May?

“Please A.R.M.Y remember what we say, love myself, love yourself.”

Surprisingly, this was BTS′ spoiler for their fans. On August 11, BTS shared the poster to begin their new project Love Yourself. Love Yourself is BTS′ next series following previous projects School Trilogy, HYYH andWINGS and will continue into 2018. While BTS is known to invest a lot of time on their music, they also focus on the storytelling behind their music. The upcoming album is no different and BTS is preparing a variety of storytelling content leading up to their comeback.

[Special] How BTS Will Use Their Strength ′Storytelling′ for ′LOVE YOURSELF′ Promotions

0. New Brand Identity

On July 5, BTS revealed a new logo and identity that replaced the logo they′ve been using since their debut in 2013.

Big Hit Entertainment shared, "They maintain their stance as boys who go against prejudices while also symbolizing youth who don’t settle for their current reality and instead open the door and go forward to achieve growth."

1. Mysterious Flower : Smeraldo

[Special] How BTS Will Use Their Strength ′Storytelling′ for ′LOVE YOURSELF′ Promotions

On August 9, BTS shared a photo through their official Twitter featuring member Jin holding a blue flower with the message, "Smeraldo."

Within hours, fans discovered that ′Smeraldo′ was a fabricated flower created by BTS and even found a blog ( and Instagram ( page for a flower shop created by the group.

Shortly after, the flower was featured in BTS′ Highlight Reel (Part 4) and fans are curious to find out the full meaning of the flower.

2. Teaser images

Between August 11 through September 8, 3 types of teaser images were revealed including Love Yourself posters, HYYH The Notes and Concept photos. HYYH The Notes especially gained attention as it was revealed that HYYH and Love Yourself are connected.

3. ‘Highlight Reel’ clips

To continue from BTS′ WINGS Short Film from 2016, BTS shared additional storytelling videos. The Highlight Reel especially gained attention the music was by Shin Myung Soo, who became the first Korean composer to become a nominee for the News & Documentary category in the Emmy Awards.

4. Trailer + Teaser clips

Jimin was in the center of the Comeback Trailer ′Serendipity′, which showed a snippet of the album′s intro track. Serendity is the first intro track that was created by the vocalists of the group and the video gained over 10 million views within the first 48 hours.

And on September 15, BTS finally revealed the teaser video for the album′s title track DNA featuring Jungkook′s whistling as well as the sound of a guitar.

Accordingly, BTS is raising the expectations of fans through a variety of content leading up to Love Yourself - Her′s release on September 18. Additionally, on September 21, BTS will reveal their first stage through Mnet′s Comeback Show - BTS DNA, which will go live at 8:30PM KST through Mwave.

Photo credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Reporter : Susan Min
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